Dying Light one-of-a-kind Spotlight Edition announced for $10,000,000, if you’ve got some spare cash

Dying Light Spotlight Edition

Well, I’ve heard of a collector’s edition, but it’s rare we’re asked to fund an entire movie. Those with larger wallets and an extreme love for Techland and the Dying Light franchise can now purchase a ten million dollar version of the game. Along with four copies of the game itself, you’ll be given a supporting role in Dying Light: The Movie – which, er, exists – and a bunch of other benefits. I’m assuming the majority of the cash goes towards production of this new movie.

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It’s being sold through GAME, though as you might assume, you’ve gotta let Techland know if you’re seriously considering purchasing it. Here’s everything that you’ll get if you do:

  • 4 copies of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition. Well worth the price on their own, I’m sure.
  • Stuntman, parkour, acting and off-road driving lessons. You’ll need them for…
  • Supporting role in Dying Light: The Movie, where you’ll have both lines and action scenes.
  • An original copy of the script signed by the eventual cast, as well as access to the screening toar, 10 tickets to the premier and a personal trailer on set. You’d hope so, really.
  • They’re also going to let you re-record all of protagonist Kyle Crane’s dialogue in a special version of Dying Light.

Sounds like a sweet set of goods, but given you’re taking an uncontracted role as a producer on a movie, that’s not really a surprise. Hopefully someone with far more money than sense does buy it and we get to see how it all lands. Do read the small print if you decide to pick it up though. Can’t be too careful, even with pocket change.