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Eye Zombie: Dying Light gets support for Tobii Eyetracking

Dying Light Enhanced Edition

Dashing around zombie-infested Harran already feels great in Dying Light – dropkicking zombies and hurtling yourself across rooftops as your eyes scan the path ahead for a fast route forward. Tobii Eyetracking looks to enhance that feeling of forward momentum.

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One of the best new features it introduces is a more clean UI, with HUD elements only popping in when you look directly at them. You can also glance to the edges of the screen to move your field-of-view without compromising your aim, or look to ledges as you run at them to auto-climb.

Additionally, Eyetracking can be used to interact with objects. Just look directly at something and you’ll be primed to pick it up. Stare an NPC in the eyes and you’re set to trigger a conversation.

When night falls and the Blade-esque creatures come out, you can even use your eyes to control your torch, peering into the darkness as you try get to a safehouse.

That all sounds like it adds some practical benefits, but one of the features seems almost like straight-up cheating. Multi-throw lets you look at up to three zombies and throw tomahawks at them. You’re guaranteed to hit them, straight in the face. It works with any throwable, including molotovs and grenades.

To offset that, there’s another feature that’s basically the opposite of a cheat. Zombie awareness will alert zombies to your position if you look at them for too long. Check out some gifs on the Tobii Eye site.