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Dying Light: The Following makes the case for dirt buggies as weapons in debut trailer

Dying Light

Whoever wrote the Dying Light wiki page for protagonist Kyle Crane believes that his is a “very realistic depiction of how a stable, enduring and courageous individual would approach an actual apocalypse”. They must be chuffed, then, to see him return for The Following – a story-driven, standalone expansion to Techland’s roof-hugging open-world extravaganza.

Crane travels to a hazardous outback (is there any other kind?) to pick fights with not zombies but cultists, whose belief system is in some way connected with the undead outbreak.

The real draw are the new dirt buggies, which feature in this trailer alongside the requisite jumping off things.

The buggies are customisable, upgradable, and the ideal mode of travel for the stretch of Harran countryside The Following takes as its sandbox.

You’ll need to earn the trust of the locals to learn their secrets – a task that provides the impetus to speed and sprint about the map. There’ll be a certain amount of choice in how you go about infiltrating that innermost circle.

“Gamescom 2015 was our first chance to let people play Dying Light: The Following so I was a bit nervous,” said producer Tymon Smektała. “But so many positive reactions really showed me we made the right decision to work on this expansion. With its new map and far-reaching gameplay additions, it feels like we’ve hit the sweet spot for what players are expecting from us.”

The Following will cost $14.99, with UK pricing and the release date still TBD. Season pass holders will get it for free, naturellement. Fancy leaving the bustle of central Harran behind?