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Dynasty Warriors 9 releases in February, and you can pre-order for fancy underwear

dynasty warriors 9 release date

Update, November 16: Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available February 13, and will offer an array of costumes as a pre-order bonus.

If you’re a fan of beating up historical Chinese soldiers by the thousands, Koei Tecmo just provided some good news, as you won’t have to wait much longer for the open world action of Dynasty Warriors 9.

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The game will be available across PC and consoles on February 13 in the West, just a few days after its Japanese release.

But what would a new game release be without pre-order bonuses? Purchasing early will net you a Beijing opera-inspired outfit for Zhao Yun, alongside traditional Chinese undergarment styles for Diaochan, Lu Lingqi, Sun Shangxiang, Wang Yi, Guan Yinping, and Wang Yuanji. If you’re not familiar with the gendering on Chinese names, those last six are indeed all women, so yes – you’re getting fancy lingerie for most of the game’s female cast.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will expand the series’ traditional action to an open world setting, with battles populating an expansive environment you can explore however you wish. A new combat system lets you combine three different attack styles for more fluid battles, as you fight through the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the unification of China.

Original Story, August 3:Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming to PC so all is well and good in the world. Publishers Koei Tecmo made the announcement today, confirming the open-world hack-and-slash game will be available on Windows through Steam, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

Unlike previous titles in the Dynasty Warriors series, this one will let you explore China as an open world, engaging in storyline quests and its large-scale battles whenever you wish. The same goes for the new skirmishes, clashes, and special side-missions – you can start them in your own time or even ignore them.

Dynasty Warriors 9

“These battles range from scouting missions to discover powerful enemy officers, to guerilla actions to subdue messengers and scouts, to outright sabotage on enemy supply troops; success in these combat engagements offer great rewards and have an effect on future battles’ difficulty,” Koei Tecmo say.

But not everything feeds into the larger ongoing battle across feudal China. Looking at the new screenshots, you’ll be able to find different biomes – such as huge plains, cedar woods, and bamboo forests – and encounter creatures such as pandas and tigers along the way.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Two new playable characters will also be available to choose from the usual huge Dynasty Warriors roster. “Man Chong, from the kingdom of Wei, is a brilliant general, skilled debater, and an excellent tactician,” Koei Tecmo detail. “Meanwhile, Zhou Cang from the kingdom of Shu is best known for his incredible stamina and speed.”

We’re also told to expect new costume designs for fan favourites such asSun Shangxiang, Lu Xun, and the big man himself, Lu Bu.

There’s no release date for Dynasty Warriors 9 yet nor is its Steam page up. We’ll be on the lookout.