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EA investigating Oculus Rift support for the Frostbite Engine


EA’s Frostbite Engine, used to power the phenomenally good looking Battlefield 3 and also being used to build the upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, may support the Oculus Rift VR headset in the none too distant future. There’s a heavy emphasis on that “may” though as this news comes via a call for a masters student to investigate the possibility.

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The story began whena forum member atMTBS3D, had discovered this EA masters thesis intern pagewhich, among other things, would task the successful applicant with investigating and implementing “support for Occulus Rift SDK in the Frostbite Engine”.

MTBS3D then got in contact with Frank Vitz,head of theFrostbite creative team at Dice, who told them that he’s”really eager to see how the Oculus Rift works with Frostbite” and that once their dev kits arrive it should be “straightforward” getting the headset to work with the engine.

So, EA are working on linking the two technologies, and it it would be awesome if they were able to support Battlefield and future games with VR, but it doesn’t sound like they’ve even begun the project. It’s just something they hope to do.

The Oculus Rift would fit very well into this immersive simulator.

But just imagine it with Mirror’s Edge 2.

Via The Verge

Edit: an earlier version of this story credited The Verge for tracking down Frank Vitz when it was in fact MTBS3D.com. We sincerelyapologise for the confusion.