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EA’s next Origin update has hardware "power gamers" in its sights, tracks achievements

Hmm. Hrrrrm. Oh, hey! Soz. Having a bit of a crisis of terminology here. I thought power gamers were the types who mapped the trajectory of their Diablo 3 characters from levels 1 to 160 to ensure maximum fireballs or whatever, but according to EA they’re people who have 64-bit systems? Huh.

In any case, with Origin’s next update you’ll be able to take advantage of the new ‘multilauncher’, which offers additional options for making the most of your hardware when starting up supported games. You'll also see a nascest achievement system ticking away. It'll reach your client in the next few weeks, or you can start playing around with it today in beta if you like.

If you’ve already opted-in to Origin beta updates, the client will prompt you to upgrade to version 9.2.1 the next time you start it up. If not, you can opt-in by selecting Application Settings from the client’s drop-down menu, scrolling down to Origin Beta Participation and ticking the box marked ‘Update to the beta version if available’.

Elsewhere, EA have “refreshed” parts of the Origin interface - notably the Application Settings menu, actually - and added the ability to track achievements in Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3 on the profile page.

“Start playing those games after updating Origin, and watch your Origin Point total (displayed underneath your name) increase by completing their achievements,” explain the client’s developers.

Also! Broadcasters will be able to choose to auto-archive their videos.

How are you feeling about Origin these days? Is it proving tolerable after all? Enjoyable, even?

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subedii Avatar
4 Years ago

Tolerable, yes. But frankly I've always viewed it as an avenue by which EA are trying to push up the price of its PC games to match the console counterparts in the hopes of making that the "standard", a view which EA has done little to disavow me of.


This despite the fact that at the end of the day, there is no requirement to pay the system manufacturer for the privilige of putting their titles on the system, as there isn't one.


Bluntly put, one of the core benefits of the PC platform is that despite the fact that the base hardware is more expensive, you don't need to pay additional on games in order to subsidise that hardware, which has previously always meant that PC games are around £10 cheaper than their console counterparts. EA are simply trying to keep their cake and stuff their face with it at the same time.


Jaded? Moi?


Empyre Avatar
4 Years ago

@subedii Couldn't agree more.  I also have noticed Steam have been trying the price hike on new AAA titles recently also.  £45 for Rome 2.. well you can think again cos I'm not bitin'.