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EA have a new tech division who are trying to create virtual humans


EA announced a new division at today’s EA Play conference. The new team is committed to developing cutting-edge technology for use in future games from the studio. 

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The internal incubator is called SEED, which stands for the ‘Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division’. The division was announced by EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund.

Söderlund says he works with the small team every day, overseeing them in their efforts to advance in-game AI through deep learning and neural networks, with the aim of creating virtual humans, among other things.

“We want to blur the line between reality and the virtual world,” Söderlund says. “What if instead of giving millions of players control of a single virtual character, we had games with millions of characters shaped by you, our players?”

No doubt we’ll be hearing more about SEED soon.