Free games: Eador. Masters of the Broken World is yours to keep on Steam

free games eador masters of the broken world

There are more excellent strategy games than you can possibly hope to play in your lifetime, so how could you hope to decide on a new one to play? A low, low cost of ‘free’ certainly doesn’t hurt, and that’s the price of Eador. Masters of the Broken World this weekend.

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This edition of Eador launched five years ago, and in celebration of the anniversary developers Snowbird Games have made the game free to claim on Steam. Head to the store page, click install, and it’ll be added to your library permanently. You have until Sunday to make your claim.

A 4X game with turn-based tactical combat, the developers themselves say Masters of the Broken World “was and it is a bit rough around the edges.” Still, with a massive sandbox campaign and loads of strategic role-playing options, it was an impressive outing from a tiny studio, and they say “to this day we’re proud of what we’ve managed to achieve with such a small team.”

They’re also building a bit of promotion for the other games in their catalogue, particularly the “much more stable” sequel, Eador. Imperium, which is 50% off until April 23.