Doom, Titanfall, and Tony Hawk combine in a co-op FPS you can play now

The Echo Point Nova demo is here, as the movement shooter that blends Doom, Titanfall, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater into something entirely new lands on Steam.

Doom, Titanfall, and Tony Hawk combine in a co-op FPS you can play now

The Echo Point Nova demo is finally live, giving you and up to three friends the chance to try out the new open-world game that we can only describe as Titanfall meets Doom meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. There’s also some new footage of Echo Point Nova too if that wasn’t enough.

PCGamesN recently took Echo Point Nova for a spin, and it’s safe to say that the team behind movement shooter Severed Steel has done it again, as Echo Point Nova is a joy to play.

You run and ride a hoverboard around an open world while engaging in platforming challenges, shooting guys, and grapple hooking your way out of sticky situations, and it’s great. Combine all of that with responsive shooting, a nice slow-down ability, and Echo Point Nova is top-tier.

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On top of that, you can play the Echo Point Nova demo in both single-player or co-op, and there are even cosmetic hats to find and a perk system to progress through. I’ve already described it as Titanfall meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but it also feels like there’s a fair bit of modern Doom DNA in there too. You can’t hoverboard into a guy and shoot them in the head while they fall into the abyss in any of those games though, right?

Every day it feels like we branch off further from the universe where Titanfall 3 exists, as it was recently revealed that the shooter was in development for ten months before it switched to Apex Legends, and Echo Point Nova isn’t just an alternative, it’s an essential game to play if you liked Titanfall 2’s campaign.

It doesn’t have mechs or linear levels sure, but Echo Point Nova carves its own place in the pantheon of movement shooters simply by adding a grapple hook and hoverboard, as the two mechanics work in perfect tandem. You can find the Echo Point Nova demo over on Steam.

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