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Steam horror game takes Resident Evil back to its fixed camera roots

Fancy a Steam horror game that takes director inspiration from the early fixed camera Resident Evil games? Well Echoes of the Living is the game for you

Steam horror game takes Resident Evil back to its fixed camera roots

How does a new Steam horror game that channels the fixed camera of the original Resident Evil games from Capcom sound? If it’s right up your alley, then I have news for you, as an indie developer is working to make that exact game a reality, and you can wishlist it on Steam now while waiting for the soon-to-be-released demo.

Called Echoes of the Living, the game is clearly inspired by the classic Resident Evil games that focused on survival horror and puzzle solving, all the way down to the use of gorgeous environments, zombies, and fixed cameras.

Set for release in Q4 2023 on Steam and with a “demo available soon,” the project is being developed by MoonGlint and KurauAmami, and you can check out some astounding early footage in the new trailer below.

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Set in a small northern European town in 1996, Echoes of the Living has you play as either Laura or Liam after a mysterious fog envelopes the townsfolk and wildlife, turning them into zombies and horrific creatures of the night – expect giant spiders (you’ve been warned).

There are fixed camera angles, puzzles, inventory management, save rooms and item storage, multiple stories for each character, and plenty of weapons to keep you safe. If this sounds like Resident Evil, that’s entirely intentional, as MoonGlint has already put their indie game development skills to the test with smaller projects that added first and third-person modes to the likes of the original Resident Evil and more.

You can check out horror game Echoes of the Living over on Steam right now, we’ll keep an eye out for when the demo launches and let you know, MoonGlint has told us it should be between two to three weeks from now. Also, be sure to follow MoonGlint on Twitter for updates on the project too.

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