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Eitr is Norse Dark Souls, coming 2016

Eitr E3 2015

Devolver Digital are always pushing out little indie delights, and Eitr could be one of their finest. It’s a Norse mythology-themed top-down affair rendered in wonderfully moody retro pixel-art, and looks to be about as close as you could want to get to the Dark Souls games. 

Plasying as the Shield Maiden, you’ll be hacking and slashing at all manner of foul creatures and foes looking to impale you on a spike. Your destiny was destroyed by Loki, meaning your fate is completely in your own hands. This will take you on a journey through the nine realms, connected by Yggdrasil (that’s a bloody big tree, if you’re not fluent in Norse).

The trailer was shown off at E3 last night, but you can watch it above. Eitr will be released on PC in 2016.