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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Beigoma guide

A beyblade-like minigame is hidden within this epic JRPG. This guide lets you know exactly where to find Beigoma and the best strategies.

character art of reid the beigoma player in eiyuden chronicle

What is Beigoma in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes? You may have heard NPCs in Eltisweiss or the Treefolk Village mention something called beigoma. Of the many minigames included in the Suikoden-inspired JRPG, beigoma rivals the fortress-building minigame as the most expansive. Inspired by the Beyblade anime and toy series, Beigoma takes its name from an traditional Japanese spinning top toy also called Beigoma.

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doctor corque offering nowa a beigoma spinner in eiyuden chronicle

How to unlock Eiyuden Chronicle Beigoma

You do not unlock the option to play Beigoma until after the invasion of Eltisweiss, which is the first time you’ll participate in a large-scale war battle. After you establish your headquarters – which is part of the fortress-building minigame – you can head back to Eltisweiss, even if the story otherwise makes it seem like you cannot.

Once in Eltisweiss, head east from the entrance to meet Reid, a Beigoma player clearly inspired by characters from anime like Beyblade and Yu Gi Oh. He will have lost to a rival character and, after speaking with him, inform you that you should visit Dr. Corque’s house, though he isn’t quite clear on where that is. Luckily, it’s not far: head east of the entrance to Eltisweiss and enter the first house you can access. Inside, Dr. Croque will introduce you to the world of Beigoma.

Dr. Corque will ask you to choose one of three Beigoma: a fire top, a water top, and a wind top. It doesn’t matter much which you choose, though they have advantages over the myriad elemental types, as you’ll find stronger Beigoma to use soon by defeating powerful monsters out in the world.

There are 60 Beigoma to find in total. There is a character that can reveal the location of which monsters drop Beigoma, and we will update here once we find where he/she is.

two spinning beigoma tops in a bowl in eiyuden chronicle

How to play Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Beigoma

Beigoma trainers are found in every town in the game, sometimes more than one, making up over 40 you’ll have to challenge if you want to become a Beigoma master. As a general rule, stronger Beigoma trainers will be in towns that you visit later in the game. Otherwise, strong Beigoma players will state that you’re not ready to face them yet.

Once you challenge someone to a Beigoma battle, you select three tops to bring into the battle. While there’s a lot of elemental synergies and attack statistics for each Beigoma on the pre-battle screen, we found picking the highest starred Beigoma mattered more than these stats.

Beigoma battles are best 2 out of 3, meaning you’ll have to knock out two of your opponent’s tops to win. Try to use your boost attack when an opponent’s Beigoma is near the edge of the bowl after they use a boost themselves. Once all three rounds are finished, a winner will be announced. If you lose, you can rechallenge the Beigoma trainer at any time.

If you defeat all the Beigoma trainers, right near the end of the game before the final boss encounter you’ll find a Beigoma final boss as well. You also have to advance through the Beigoma ranks to recruit both Reid and Dr. Corque to Nowa’s alliance of heroes, if you’re keen on catchin’ them all.

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