Elden Ring update 1.04 patches Patches

One of FromSoftware's most iconic NPCs has got more content in the studio's latest game Elden Ring - you've also got heaps of balance changes and bug fixes

Elden Ring patch 1.04: patches crouches in a cave surrounded by bodies

FromSoftware has revealed in the Elden Ring patch 1.04 notes that one of the best NPCs now has more content. That’s right; Patches has got some new “event phases”, to use the developer’s lingo. Be warned, though, as the rest of this article contains spoilers.

Still here? Grand. If you’ve done all the previous quests with the tricky trader, Patches will return to Murkwater Cave, which is where you initially meet him. This time, though, the fog gate will be back in action. If you head inside, the rest plays out much like before – open his chest, beat him up to a certain point, and spare him when he begs for mercy. This time, you’ll get Patches’ crouch emote for your troubles.

If you’ve been out of the loop, Patches is a recurring character throughout most of FromSoftware’s games. He’s been in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and even Armoured Core: For Answer. While slight details change, he’s the same goofball who will annoy you before pleading for mercy when you eventually bust him. He does sell the odd good item, though.

Elsewhere in patch 1.04, you’ve got heaps of balance changes and bug fixes. Swarm of Flies has been hit with another nerf, though the devs have buffed Colossal weapons. Check out all the changes here.

If you’re looking for some help getting through FromSoftware’s latest punish ’em up, check out our guide to the best Elden Ring armour sets. After all, not everyone can run around semi-naked like Let Me Solo Her.

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