Elder Scrolls Online gains an FOV slider, lootable weapon racks and a Veteran crypt

The new Elder Scrolls interior lighting effects, as shown off by Zenimax Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online certainly looks like Tamriel, but one of the first signs we weren’t in Skyrim anymore came with the realisation that every bowl and bottle was nailed in place. Yes, all that power needed to be re-routed to support umpteen players on a server at once, yada yada. But no explanation could make up for the lack of physics-enabled bread rolls to bounce about the place.

ESO Update 2 is a step in the right direction: those ubiquitous weapon and armour racks just begging to be ransacked? They now can be.

But that’s not the headline news for the unfortunate subset of players left nauseous by fixed fields-of-view. They’ll be more interested in the new FOV slider for ESO’s first-person mode; something Nick desperately wanted in his Elder Scrolls Online review.

The slider can manage an FOV of between 70 and 130, and can be found in the first-person section of the ‘Camera’ menu in Settings. FOV settings will be saved to the character you happen to be playing at that time.

Weapons and armor found in the world can now be picked up and equipped. They’re sort of a last resort – low quality, and sellable for 0 gold. But they can be upgraded for crafting, or deconstructed for a low inspiration yield.

Elsewhere, there’s a new Veteran version of the Crypt of Hearts. Another level of the dungeon has been unlocked, and with it new mysteries, new loot and “devious new bosses” intended for groups of players at veteran rank 12.

“The lich Nerien’eth has returned to inflict endless agony on the spirits he trapped in the original Crypt of Hearts,” write Zenimax. “Fight mysterious Daedra and ultimately the lich himself to free these souls.”

Less dramatic but probably much further-reaching is the “beautiful” new interior lighting effect Zenimax have been working on. When you’re inside a building anywhere in The Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll now see light cast across the room from its windows. The developers reckon it “really adds something special to the atmosphere”.

Check the Update 2 patch notes over at Bethesda’s site. What’s the headline news here for you?