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Elder Scrolls fans petition Bethesda: put Arena and Daggerfall on Steam for 20th anniversary

The Elder Scrolls: Arena

What do Elton John, Aretha Franklin and The Elder Scrolls all have in common? If you said poor draw distance, you’re wrong and very rude. The correct answer is a birthday in March.

The Elder Scrolls was 20 this year, and Bethesda celebrated with an expensive box set and a  sweet blog post from Todd Howard. But a subsection of the series’ community have begun politely nudging the developers to do a little more: namely, release the first four games of the series for free. And if they can stretch to it, their source codes too.

Petitioneer Christopher Youde is after 1994’s The Elder Scrolls: Arena and its follow-up, Daggerfall - the games that shaped the mould Bethesda have been perfecting ever since.

He’s also singled out An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire and An Elder Scrolls Adventure: Redguard - two ‘90s curios developed in-house at Bethesda but now lost without recourse to DOS emulators.

Youde would like to see all four games available on Steam - Arena and Daggerfall are already available on the official Elder Scrolls site - and love to see their source codes released to the dedicated Skyrim modding community.

“It’s a little more unlikely than them just releasing all the Pre-2000 Games for free,” he told PCGamesN. “But not impossible.”

Who knows what’s become of the PCs once used to develop Redguard and Battlespire - but I distinctly remember picking Arena off the front of a retro games mag a decade ago, so Bethesda certainly aren’t averse to the occasional good-natured giveaway.

Will you sign Youde's scroll?

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Malentor avatarJeremy Peel avatarCTCB avatar
Malentor Avatar
3 Years ago

Arena and Daggerfall are both free on the official Elder Scrolls website, AFAIK. Also, Daggerfall's source code is lost in space and time, and I'm not sure about Arena's. Nothing much is gained by having those two on steam. On a related note; The XLengine project is reverse engineering Daggerfall, and though the progress is slow we will hopefully see a future-proof Daggerfall as a result.

Jeremy Peel Avatar
3 Years ago

Oo, you're dead right about Arena and Daggerfall. Have made that clear.

CTCB Avatar
CTCB(1 day 2 hours played)
3 Years ago

Actually, I changed the petition a little before you posted this, to reflect the point that they should release the CD-ROM Version of each game. As in 2004, they released the Floppy Disk version of Arena to the public.