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The best videos from Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Videos

Struggling to decide whether you should try Elder Scrolls Online, even after reading Nick’s Elder Scrolls Online review? We’ve collected 10 of the best player created videos so you can see what’s going on inside the game.

1.TESO lore in under a minute, without going blind.

TESO is set over a thousand years before the events of Skyrim. Unless you’re as dedicated as the blind monks of the Elder Scrolls themselves, there’s a good chance you might not know what’s going on. LORE is a lovely video series that explains the backstory in under a minute, and they’ve given TESO some animated love.

2. Cut the bullshit: this is how you win at PVP.

Youtuber “Left Lucy” knows what people want in a PVP guide. It’s clean and simple with some crass humour thrown in. He certainly makes clashing with other players look like a doddle. Even you veteran players might learn a thing or two.

3. Cyrodiil is dark and full of terrors.

Cyrodiil is TESOs own triple-threat PVP warzone: three player factions engage in endless war over who sits on the Iron Throne Ruby Throne. Lately, dark and malevolent players of the Vampire variety have been wreaking havoc across the battlefield. The ultimate ability, “Vampire Bats”, deals huge damage while also healing the caster, and at high ranks the ability can be spammed infinitely. The result is an impressive sight: a sea of bats that swarm the screen, killing everything in sight and making the vampires nigh on invulnerable.

You’ll be glad to know that Zenimax have a fix in the works.

4. Operation Elder Scroll Grab.

It’s always a pleasure to see well coordinated teamwork pay off, in any game. Here Youtuber KhalifPVP and his friends siege a keep in Cyrodiil before making off with its coveted possession: an Elder Scroll. You can watch the whole event unfold including above, with voice comms to boot.

5. Who turned friendly fire on?

Some bugs in TESO aren’t all that bad, instead providing a few hearty laughs. Here three NPC archers from the Ebonheart Pact are having a gentlemen’s dispute: by filling each other with arrows. The origins of their disagreements will never be known.

6. Meet Tamriel’s “true killing machine” – according to a Khajiit.

Some stereotypes are so powerful that they can endure between entire universes. This Khajiit has entrapped a poor mutt for the purpose of some sort of travelling freak show. It’s hard to tell if what she says is true; Khajiit are known for their cunning minds. I’d like to believe that they’re secretly best of friends, and we’re just gullible adventures with plenty of coin to spare.

7. Horses traded their hiking boots for sea legs.

Skyrim had the best horses: they could climb sheer cliff faces with no trouble. Since TESO is set a thousand years prior to Skyrim, it’s apparent that horses haven’t evolved this wondrous trait. Instead, they have an extraordinary ability to traverse entire oceans at break-neck speeds. Which would you prefer?

8. Some slow mo running NPC with some comical music.

Another funny bug where a certain NPC was afflicted with a horrible Alteration magic. Gagni is cursed to live out his life in slow-mo, and players aren’t hesitant in making fun. Poor guy.

9. Angry Joe sure can rally an army.

Don’t mess with Angry Joe. He’ll raise his brethren, give an impressive motivational speech and then trample your face with his sea of horses. I feel sorry for anyone being on the wrong side of that in Cyrodiil.

10. I’ve seen people have weddings for less.

Anyone who purchased the Imperial Edition of the game got their hands on the rings of Mara. At a glance, they grant you and another player an increase in experience. But to attain this, you’ve must complete the ceremony. You have to get married. I’d imagine the “till death do us part” bit of the vow is difficult to uphold.