For the Dovahkeen: Skyrim Dragonborn statue pre-orders now open


Is that a 16-inch Dovahkiin in your pocket, or are you still $299.99 in the black?

Bethesda have announced a limited run of ⅙ scale Dragonborns, on sale at GamingHeads. Inspired by the official art by now seared into all of our skulls, the statues are hand-finished, hand-painted and cast in high quality poly-stone, which is reportedly the thing you want these sorts of things cast in.

Gaming Heads have worked with in-game assets provided by Bethesda to accurately recreate the armour and fabric. The result is a level of “unparalleled realism” that will presumably have your dinner guests scrambling for their miniature dragons in retaliation.

The Dragonborn statue is available in two versions. The Standard Edition (pictured) is limited to a run of 1000 figures and costs $299.99. the Exclusive Edition is another $30, but adds an alternate arm that sees our little Dovahkiin wielding a fireball spell that “illuminates and pulses like real fire”. If that prospect is too terrifying, the fireball can be exchanged for a sword sword.

The statues are expected to deliver shortly before Christmas this year, but Bethesda recommend pre-ordering far sooner. As well they might.

It’s too large for a desk; too expensive and mad for a porch. Where would you put the thing?