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Elder Scrolls Online concept art shows we’re going to be travelling further afield than ever before


The Elder Scrolls Online warmed a few collars following its initial announcement, it looked set to be a significant departure from the experience players have come to expect from the Elder Scrolls game. Well, as if to account for that change in game style, newly released concept art from the in-works MMO shows locations unfamiliar to most Skyrim players, and certainly this is the first time all the locations have been playable in the same game.

Here we are from familiar to unfamiliar:

Skyrim (most likely) but then snows and forests, is that really something we can pin down to a single place in a fantasy game?

Mystical Elven forest, yeah, I’m calling Morrowind on this one – check out them spires.

Deserts are new, I’m going to go with Alik’r up in Northern Hammerfell.

If that’s right then we’re looking at three of the four northern provinces of Tamriel,a vast amount of land to cover. The Elder Scrolls Online certainly seems to be trying win over fans by sheers scope of geography. If it looks half as good as the cencept art then this could be one worth sitting up and paying attention to.