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Elder Scrolls Online patch unsticks stuck NPCs, makes a hard knock life harder for werewolves

The Elder Scrolls Online

Do you find that the good people of Tamriel run away from you mid-conversation? Or stand rigid, as if pinned in place by poor pathfinding? There are two possible explanations.

a) You’re a werewolf. The world is terrified of you, and this latest patch is only going to make things worse.

b) It’s just the bugs. In which case, this latest patch is only going to make things better; Nick was affected by a load of the pesky things his Elder Scrolls review?

Devour is the central ability of the werewolf. In The Elder Scrolls Online, players are only able to take on their animal form if they have enough Ultimate points. To gain more, they need to use their ability to feed on their humanoid enemies (frankly, this is going to becoming much more entertaining once Zenimax make NPCs killable).

Zenimax Online have fixed an exploit werewolf players were using to Devour the same corpse multiple times. Which clearly should be impossible – no good devouring leaves anything behind.

But for the most part, patch 1.0.8 deals with the same issue most of its predecessors have – the plethora of quest-halting “blockers” that have plagued its NPCs.

So: Septima Tharn will no longer get stuck in the world during Bangkorai’s To Walk on Far Shores quest, and Vanus Galerion will bother to turn up for the Coldharbour quest named after him, Vanus Unleashed.

Thane Mera Stormcloak will now appear at the proper location in Eastmarch, and The Bewitchers will no longer run away during conversation in Malabal Tor’s Restore the Silvenar quest.

Zenimax don’t seem to have managed to fix a couple of the more persistent pathfinding problems – instead they’ve introduced workarounds for Captain Diiril, who’ll respawn at his starting point if he becomes unable to attack in Deshaan, and Hakra, who’ll reset Tomb Beneath the Mountain’s boss scene if he sticks fast in the terrain.

Doesn’t sound great, does it? I’ve fallen out of love with ESO since beta – but could be persuaded to return for the justice system and accompanying Thieves Guild questline.