Elder Scrolls Online video demonstrates groups saving the world from an evil anchor

Elder Scrolls Online

Anchors are well known the the cartoon world to be inflictors of bump-inducing pain. Apparently Molag Bal, daedric prince of Oblivion, has been watching Looney Tunes cartoons recently, because he’s decided to turn to Acme for his Tamriel-destroying resources. He’s dropping Dark Anchors all over the place, and the only way to stop him from creating big dents in Skyrim and pulling Cyrodiil right off the face of the planet is to group up with friends and strangers and destroy the demonic braking systems, along with waves of Bal’s minions. 

Zenimax Online are keen to emphasise that, despite being an MMO, Elder Scrolls Online is playable solo in almost every respect. If you want to go ahead and play a multiplayer game with multiple players though, feel free to jump into one of the many group events available. The video predominantly shows off a Dark Anchor event, with wave-based combat being conducted by a solid group in order to close the above Oblivion Gate and banish the Dark Anchor.

Tamriel’s map will also offer up a fast-travel system for quick teleportation to the cities where your guil members are, eliminating the frustration of long-distance treks and even those tiresome griffon taxi rides those chaps in Azeroth are subject to.

Elder Scroll Online lands on April 4th, which is barely anytime away. Start collecting your group together now for maximum preparation.

Thanks, PC Gamer.