Fishing competitions and delicious creations in latest Elder Scrolls Online developer video


The Elder Scrolls Online is out now; here’s our Elder Scrolls Online review.

Bethesda have released a new video detailing how exploration and gathering will work in The Elder Scrolls Online. It all looks mighty detailed and immersive, so exactly what one would expect from the minds behind Skyrim and Morrowind.

Creative Director Paul Sage is our guide for this video, and he’s here to give us the lowdown on the kinds of things we can expect to see on our travels in TESO. The most notable thing about the video is just how much like Skyrim it looks; the very feel of an Elder Scrolls game doesn’t seem to have been lost in the translation from single-player RPG to MMO. There’s still books to be read, treasures to be found, and locks to be picked using an actual mini-game rather than digital dice roll.

Exploring Tamriel reveals materials to be gathered and crafted, be that through cooking, enchanting, or smithing. We can only hope that some of the wonderful animations on show in the trailer are not just for hype; I absolutely love that guy tasting his creation out the bowl.

It’s a much more welcoming picture of Tamriel compared to the bleak view we saw back in Bethesda’s last video, and it looks like a place I could happily sit and fish in for many hours. That, and also brutally slaughter monsters from Oblivion in the name of freedom from time to time, of course.