Nostalgia trip: Skywind ‘Road Most Traveled’ trailer takes us through Morrowind’s first quest


It’s years since I first woke up in the port town of Seyda Neen but I remember it well, the rough shacks, shoddy lighthouse, and rotten planking. Bethesda’s opening for Morrowind sticks in the mind because they were making a different sort of RPG from everyone else at the time.

The latest trailer for Skywind, a remake of Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, shows team of volunteers know their stuff. The locations between Seyda Neen and Balmora, the game’s first quest, are captured perfectly.

If you’ve played Morrowind you’ll no doubt recognise much of the scenery on show in the trailer. It’s been lovingly recreated. It’s a testament to the volunteers’ work that the mod both looks excellent and little like Skyrim. There are few signs that this is a mod in another game’s engine, not a new game in its own right.

Back in January, as part of a developer diary, we were shown some of the later locations already rebuilt in Skyrim, as well as learning the difficulty of taking an old epic and making it in a new engine:

Even the monsters are looking marvellous in their scrubbed up blues:

There’s no release date on Skywind but all the new videos released recently could be a sign that we’ll be playing in the not too distant future.