PC greats highlighted in Golden Joysticks shortlist, including Skyrim, Diablo and TOR


The Golden Joysticks are back, and if we play this right one of our N games can occupy the top slot in every category on the night – a win for justice and good taste, and a boost to the server counts of our very favourite games.

So let’s see what we have here. We’ll be choosing between our children in the Best Shooter category, which features both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, and there’s a similarly difficult choice to be made in Best MMO, home to LoL, The Old Republic, Eve and Rift(Guild Wars doesn’t feature, presumably on account of its youthful, cherubicglow – roll on next year, eh).

Football Manager 2012 is a shoo-in for Best Sports, as is Shogun 2‘s expandalone highFall of the Samuraifor Strategy,

Diablo III is up for Best RPG, while Dawnguard gets a nod for Best DLC alongside – perhaps more deservedly – The Elder Scrolls Creation Kit, enabler of many a great mod.

Skyrim also makes an evocative appearance in this year’s new category, Top Gaming Moment, earned during that first hike up the Nords’ most antagonistic peak, the Throat of the World. The Elder Scrolls Online, meanwhile, is lined up for future-glory in One to Watch.

Skyrim, Diablo III, and TOR all crop up again in the fight for Ultimate Game of the Year, an election likely to split PCGamesN into three warring factions.

Which way will you swing? There’s no wrong answer, of course. But I’m sure the right one will dawn on you in time.