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PvP macro abuse upsets Elder Scrolls Online beta players

Elder Scrolls Online PvP takes a great wad of leaves from the book of Dark Camelot.

The Elder Scrolls Online is out now; here's our Elder Scrolls Online review.

MMO players are used to flinging bits of their interface around, snuggling chat bars in convenient corners of their screen and gluing quickbars to the ceiling to suit their needs. But Zenimax Online have gone one step further, allowing players access to a modding API that allows for dramatic revisions of the game’s UI.

Some of those modder-built add-ons have - and that’s concerned some beta players, who worry The Elder Scrolls Online is only one step away from normalising game-breaking macros.

One popular UI add-on, seen in the video above, displays the current health, mana and stamina of a targeted PvP opponent on-screen.

There’s an argument to be made that such mods serve a legitimate purpose. MMO players like to optimise, and the best way to do that is to have all the relevant information to hand. And even with all their UI tools at their disposal, they still need to best their enemies in real time.

But others have claimed that players are combining add-ons like these with macros which automatically interrupt targeted players as they trigger certain abilities.

The worry is that will destroy balance in PvP - or force players to uniformly adopt a UI element that warps the nature of the game out of its intended shape. And, lest we forget, ESO’s central Cyrodiil warzone remains its biggest draw to players burned out on MMO convention.

Zenimax don’t seem to have made any public response to the complaints thus far - but I can’t imagine they’ll let instances of unambiguous cheating go unchecked until ESO’s April 4 release date.

PvP's one of the things we didn't get to try before writing up our Elder Scrolls Online first impressions. Have you had a go with it?

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dusteater96 avatarStranger avatar
dusteater96 Avatar
4 Years ago

What an awesome article based entirely off some garbage theory and conjecture you saw on reddit, while doing absolutely no research. Uninformed baseless claims like this is akin to fear mongering.

The same API calls that allow this addon to function are present in WoW. Has WoW PvP been ruined by bots that actually do anything more than farm honor by being free kills for the other team? The only worry about bots is in fact that they will be on your team and are completely useless. I mention this because it is what the same discussions peddling this nonsense devolve into. ZOMG EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE BOTTING BECAUSE ADDON!!!!1!1!!!11one

As far as making an "auto interrupt" again is this an issue in WoW? All the same conditions exist. I have never heard of anyone using something like this in WoW and I actually used bot programs as well as the third party software that people are saying is going to cause all this chaos.

A player choosing when and how to use his abilities while beat a player that has an auto condition running.

What happens when the guy using this (if people even do use it) is in the middle of a large scale PvP battle when he's trying to fight off some attackers. He swings his camera to maintain situational awareness and he accidently targets a guy casting at some one else not in his immediate skirmish using his last bit of stamina. No one is in the casters immediate vicinity so he chooses to eat the 3 second stun. Well now old bot face is going to get run down and CCed with no way to escape. He has used an illegal hack to get himself killed and provide no benefit to his team, thanks bot face, glad you're not in my Alliance. This isn't even taking in to account abilities like immovable that people are saying is a must in PvP that would let the guy on the other end of this macro be immune to the CC effects from this leetsauce macro, doing nothing but draining bot face's resource pool as long as he had him targeted.

People are going to cheat anyway. It's going to happen. Period. They also do not need the API calls to do it. There are plenty of games that do not allow for addons or macros that have bot. If you dig through the same discussion on reddit spewing all this, you find people explaining they can do the exact same things regardless of the API, addons, or in game macros.

I have not seen anyone playing the Beta complain about this in game. This is manufactured internet sky is falling chicken little hyperbole. People should not even be considering removing legitimate tools from players because some people are going to cheat.

It's like taking away everyone's freedoms because of one terrorist attack and the fear that it might happen again. Oh wait that's a bad example.

Stranger Avatar
4 Years ago

So it is alright to to have an official API that allows botting because people are going to do it anyways?

dusteater96 Avatar
4 Years ago

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