Skyrim HD texture pack updated to support expansions


Bethesda have released a free update to their free HD texture pack for PC players who like free things. There was much rejoicing in local free houses. The pack now includes high resolution versions of the new textures that were brought to Tamriel in the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn expansions.

Some further details are below the break. More importantly I bring you a video of the worst pet handler ever to be caught on film.

The update was announced in a Bethesdablog post, saying “the update adds improved textures for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the newly-released Dragonborn.”

The update isn’t for everyone, however. Bethesda recommend that your PC be running “Windows Vista/7, a minimum of 4GB of system RAM, and a DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with at least 1 GB of RAM and the latest drivers.”

Now, what you really came for, a video of how not to handle animals:

Many thanks to VG247 for spotting the update and even greater thanks to Craig Pearson for sharing the above video.

You can pick up the newly updated texture pack here.