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Skyrim: Legendary Edition is out everywhere all at once


Back in April, we reported that Skyrim: Legendary Edition would be released on June 7. Today it’s June 7, and Skyrim: Legendary Edition has been released. Coincidence? Almost certainly not. Reward Bethesda for their commitment to their retail word by buying Legendary Edition for £29.99 / €39.99 on PC. Only if you want to, like. But there’s a lot of good in it.

Here’s what constitutes a legend, in Bethesda’s book: the original game, plus vampire-flavoured diversion Dawnguard, plus homely adoption-enabler Hearthfire, plus full-blown island expansion Dragonborn.

Somewhere between Skyrim’s release in the Iron Age and now, it’s also picked up a slew of extra bullet points – combat cameras, fighting on horses, a really-very-tough Legendary difficulty mode, and an oddly grindy means of hoovering up all of the game’s remaining Perks in Legendary skills.

You can buy Skyrim: Legendary Edition on Steam, or via all sorts of retailers internationally. At that price, it might be worth picking up a new version rather than piecing together its various slices of DLC individually. What do you reckon?