Skyrim mod enchants Morrowind with 2011-era graphics


Deep in a dungeon somewhere, a group of modders are dealing in black magic. Somehow (probably involving blood sacrifices) they are transforming The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind into Skyrim. Skywind contains everything; every path, every tree, every tavern that you saw in Morrowind, just this time with the beauty of modern wonder Skyrim. 

The mod has been available for some time, but recent updates have transformed the world from an empty ghost country into a place with actual people and a handful of quests. Time to saddle up the old adventuring horse, I think. 

The trailer shows off the current state of the mod. Quite how they’ve achieved this I don’t know (hence the suspicions or necromancy – look, I’m a games writer, not a games maker, okay?) but it involves the porting over of Morrowind files into the Skyrim engine, rather than building the whole world from scratch entirely. Thus to play Skywind, you’ll need to own both Skyrim and Morrowind Game of the Year edition.

If you’re a keen modder or even a beginner, you might be interested in our100 best Skyrim mods.

If you own both of these, it’s time to wander off in this direction and download Skywind. There’s no full questline in place yet, but it is at least now in a state where playing is both interesting and worthwhile if you look back fondly on your Morrowind adventure.

Cheers, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.