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Skywind mod brings Morrowind to Skyrim


Such is the nostalgia for Morrowind that every time a new Bethesda game comes out, there is a rush to try and recreate it in the new engine. Skyrim is no different, and Skywind is the attempt from the Morroblivion forums’ community to bring Morrowind to Skyrim’s pretty engine

They’re doing pretty well, too. Not only have they got a program to convert the files quickly and into the Skyrim engine, they’re also making them prettier while they work. Even just having that new lighting engine spilling over Morrowind’s sights makes them look immediately more modern and gorgeous.

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So far there’s only a few areas of the game that have been converted, but the village of Ald’ruhn is functional enough that there’s a video of the area captured. It looks great, but the repeating texture on the floor is a little disconcerting among so many modern rendering techniques. It seems to be a project where they’ll start tuning what they take from Skyrim and what from Morrowind once everything’s ported over.

Along with the video there are multiple screenshots showing off just how odd Morrowind was, from its mushroom houses to the prevalence of dead, crooked trees. There are a load embedded below, but there are plenty more over on the forums.

Thanks to PC Gamer for their keen eye spotting this.