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Elite: Dangerous footage appears on distant monitors in BBC interview

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Yesterday David Braben told us in no uncertain terms that we weren’t allowed to see any of Elite: Dangerous yet. “The thing with the game is that it takes a lot of art,” he explained. “And all that takes a lot of time to make.”

So I guess there’s nothing to do but settle down with this BBC chat about Elite. But wait, what’s this? Somebody at Frontier’s forgotten to turn off a bank of monitors displaying Elite: Dangerous! Where did I put my PCGamesN standard issue journo sleuth-cam?

I didn’t catch it. But fortunately, this is the internet – a place where people while away the hours until death by watching and re-watching events of the recent past. You can find the interview in its entiretyhere.

Jump to a minute in for the good stuff. Before then there’s a sequence in which BBC Technology’s Rory Cellan-Jones watches on in bemusement as Braben plays the original Elite. It’s oddly reminiscent of British comic masterpiece Look Around You’s Computer Games Special.

As for the game itself – I can make out asteroid fields, big brown planets and a few space rockets(?). What can you see?