Elite: Dangerous Mac version confirmed as Kickstarter nears £1,500,000


We’ve received a transmission from whichever the Rich Quarter of space is. David Braben has updated Elite: Dangerous’ Kickstarter page to reflect the new status of its Mac version: Happening.

“David here,” wrote David, as he is wont to do. “A huge thanks for all those that have now joined us, and to those who have been with us for a lot longer too, and have evangelised to a very broad group of people. It has made all the difference.

“We have now passed the first stretch goal – we are now doing a Mac version in addition to the PC version, to be released three months after the PC version.”

The campaign has nine hours left to muster the £27,000 or so needed to make up £1,500,000 and reach the next stretch goal – another 10 playable ships. £27k is a ludicrous number – and yet the project has garnered more than £200,000 in the last two days alone.

Braben has already promised to “look at the demand” for other platforms beyond Mac, including Linux and the Raspberry Pi. What PC variant do you have your fingers crossed for?