Elite: Dangerous planetary base raid footage features bouncing buggies and low-flying ships

Elite: Dangerous

We’ve spent most our spacefaring energy and imagination trying to get off the planet, but all the excitement surrounding Elite at the moment is over the prospect of landing on one. Not just touching the surface of an alien world in the space sim’s Horizons expansion, but taking one small test drive in a moon buggy once there.

David Braben’s taken us for another spin in an SRV in this week’s footage of Horizons – which is starting to look a little Battlefield 1942. Or perhaps Planetside.

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The Frontier head describes the video as a “quick-and-dirty” capture from the Planetary Landings update that’ll herald Horizons, made using the same dev machines as previous footage. It shows the beginnings of a raid on a surface base, conducted by two SRVs and a ship resembling the large player-piloted Federal Corvette.

“Still quite a few elements need work which I won’t list here,” says Braben, “but you can see there’s been good progress since last week.”

Last week saw two buggies making a dusty rock dustier – and the ins and outs of SRV handling emerged during a livestream yesterday.

What are you hoping to be able to do from a different, more grounded sort of cockpit?

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