RetroArch gets a big update for online retro gaming

RetroArch's latest update makes "numerous improvements" to netplay

Art for emulation front-end RetroArch, showing a range of classic game consoles escaping from a box

Emulation frontend RetroArch has just gotten its 1.10.0 update, and with it comes a host of improvements to the program’s online netplay options. There’s also HDR support for Vulkan, new XMB menu options, and a VSync swap interval toggle for Direct3D 10 and 11, but the improvements to the online options are the most exciting bits here.

There are “numerous improvements” to netplay here, including some technical changes that haven’t been spelled out in detail, but which should provide a smoother experience. The full patch notes explain that a new relay system is now up and running, text chat has been implemented, and the interface has gotten some improvements to help you see which games you can actually connect to.

RetroArch’s netplay options have often been fantastic, with those relay servers making it very convenient to play old games online with friends, cutting out the need for VPNs or port forwarding. But it’s also been fiddly and occasionally broken, so hopefully this patch does some good.

The RetroArch devs are also continuing to gauge interest in their Open Hardware Project, an initiative that would provide an easy, affordable way for you to play with real, original game cartridges on your PC emulators. With sufficient demand, the devs have noted that an initial run of N64 adapters could be out this year.