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Endless Legend expansion Shadows out today, brings espionage to your empire


In nearly three years of writing about games and another twenty of playing them, there haven’t been a lot of these. The non-descriptive but quite lovely launch trailer for Endless Legend’s expansion Shadows, which is coming out on Steam this very day, has a custom made nursery rhyme about the mysterious faction it adds. Perhaps more impressively, it’s actually sung rather well and manages to get the message that they’re nasty assassins across.

I actually really like it. Whoever’s behind the mic is a quality singer, it’s quick and it fleshes out some more of the wonderful Endless universe. Not exactly a tonne in there about what the expansion actually adds, so allow me to be your guide. I promise not to slit your throat until at least the end. Here’s the official feature list:

  • A new major faction, The Forgotten, experts in the new espionage skills.
  • New invisible units, with the new Camouflage and Stealth capabilities.
  • Infiltrate rival empires to steal, capture, sabotage and assassinate.
  • Pillage villages, extractors and watchtowers to slow your enemy’s progression.
  • Heroes can be equipped with Scope accessories to give them espionage abilities.
  • Players can defend themselves with new counter espionage and the new Detection capacity.

These Forgotten chaps are so good at sneaking around that everyone on the entire planet of Auriga, where Endless Legend is set, thought they were dead, gone or never existed in the first place. They’re back to subjugate/be friends with everyone, depending on your playstyle, because of a rift in opinion within their society. This all translates into an in-game speciality for all the new mechanics, including pillaging, but a fear of technology.

They’re not the only ones with access of course, so whoever your favourite of Legend’s wonderfully varied factions has the opportunity to be a blade in the night as well, or fight against it. There’s some scant more details in the announcement post on Steam, which also promises it will be available at some point today for$12.99/£9.99/€12.99. They’re also currently running a sale for the base version of the game, if you’re interested in getting in on one of the best strategy games in years.

Now, won’t you have some of this delicious definitely not poisoned tea I made?