Endless Legend’s Tempest expansion arrives October 14 with new faction in tow

Endless Legend Tempest

Amplitude continues to expand their suite of Endless games with the sea-based Tempest expansion for Endless Legend. It introduces a new playable faction in the Morgawr, who have their faction introduction above. Tempest will be downloadable on Steam come October 14, priced £9.99 / €12.99 / $12.99.

How will this improve one of the best strategy games we’ve ever played?

Here’s what’s coming with the expansion, along with the demonic Morgawr:

  • Naval Warfare added, with its own kind of seaborne units.
  • Connected to this is an ocean control and weather system that gives bonuses to those that can hold them. They’re protected by powerful neutral enemies.
  • A new minor faction and Sea Fortresses to take over.

The expansion arrives a week after Endless Space 2, which enters Early Access in a couple of days on October 6. At that point it’s likely Amplitude will transition to supporting that game with most of their development efforts until it’s finished.