The first Endless Space 2 comic series just ended, so now you can read it all for free

A Riftborn

In the great vastness of space there are trillions of stories to tell. Endless Space 2 embraces that vastness – it is called “Endless” Space 2 after all – and so the developers are also telling more of those stories, but in the form of comics. Better yet, all of the comics in the first series are free for you to read right now.

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The series, titled Endless Space 2 stories, has four separate comics, each with different characters and storylines. Lumeris: Upstaged is about two families trying to one-up each other in the pursuit of power; United Empire: The Cleaner is about “a brooding figure…with a dark purpose”; Riftborn: Singularity is about scientists making an alien discovery; and Horatio: The Perfect Plan is about three characters trying to escape a huge prison.

As players of Endless Space 2 will recognise, each comic is about a different faction – Lumeris, the United Empire, Riftborn, and Horatio. They’re all reasonably short stories, but look great and are completely free, so you can’t really complain about that.

You can read all of the comics over on the official site. If you’re enjoying them, then you’re in luck, as a second series has been confirmed to be coming “later this year.”