Endless Space 2 trailer shows how you go from a single-planet civ to a galactic superpower

Endless Space 2

The latest Endless Space 2 trailer gives us a glimpse at what skills you’ll need to dominate the galaxy when the 4x strategy game leaves Early Access on May 19. Depending on what civilization you choose, your journey will be dramatically different.

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Do you want to settle on planets, colonising, terraforming, and peacefully convincing other civilizations to join your way of life, or will you play a nomadic race, travelling the galaxy on giant ships and sucking the energy from the stars?

The trailer is focused on showing off what makes a 4X a 4X. In this case, it’s ‘eXpand’, which you’ll need to do if you have any hope of winning. You can’t hang around on your home planet here.

You’ll need to balance your expansion with making your territory safe, too, securing trade routes and shuttling your populace between worlds. Expand too quickly and you could leave yourself open.

Have a watch of the trailer above.