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Endless Space 2’s new hero is trapped inside a neutron star


With barely a month gone since its launch, Endless Space 2 is getting some free content with its latest update, version 1.0.18. The Stellar Prisoner will be available from 17:00 BST today (that’s 09:00 Pacific), and will add a new quest, new heroes, and a number of general improvements.

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As you might infer from its title, the Stellar Prisoner’s new questline concerns a mysterious figure who is literally imprisoned in a neutron star. It also appears that neutron stars will be objectives in a battle arena mode, conferring special bonuses to whomever controls them.

Features include:

  • Neutron Star: a battle arena that provides bonuses to players who control this special node.
  • A new quest triggered upon the discovery of the Neutron Star.
  • A new Endless Virtual hero.
  • A new Cravers Prime hero, unlocked by the community during an ARG.
  • Two new, unique planets.
  • Modding improvements, including the ability to edit visuals (hero, quests, events) and textures (planets, ships).
  • General performance and AI improvements – there’s a full set of patch notes here on Steam.

Fighting for a neutron star

The Stellar Prisoner update will be applied for free later today. Endless Space 2 is available on Steam here. It’ll cost you £34.99 ($39.99) for the standard edition and £44.99 ($49.99) for the digital deluxe.