Endless Space 2’s final faction, The Unfallen, are a race of pacifistic living trees

Endless Space 2 The Unfallen

Ahead of its launch on May 19, developer Amplitude Studios have unveiled the final race for their space 4X game, Endless Space 2. As a race of sentient trees, The Unfallen wish to spread peace across the galaxy through nonviolent means.

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A welcome change of pace to the more militaristic factions found within Endless Space 2, The Unfallen abhor war. Shocked into action upon seeing the pain inflicted by other races, these gentle tree-folk took to the stars to usher in a new age of peace. As such, their play-style is much slower than most, with their goal to achieve symbiosis with any race they encounter and expand their reach via cooperation. Much like an actual tree, they grow the branches of their civilization over several generations, forging strong bonds that will last for centuries.

Being attuned with nature, The Unfallen can also awaken long-slumbering Guardians on any planet they settle on. These once dormant creatures will provide protection and bonuses to their allies, while penalising any foes that dare mess with the natural order of things. You definitely want The Unfallen on your side during a campaign as these wise treants will protect you, should you accept their help.

However, The Unfallen will collapse if they lose contact from their homeworld. If the trunk of their galactic tree were to be cut down, its branches and roots will wither and die. If you play The Unfallen, be sure to keep an eye on any other factions that would try to invade your homeworld.

The Unfallen were designed in partnership with members of the Endless Space community, via the Games2Gether program. Via a series of fan competitions, elements of The Unfallen’s narrative, visual and gameplay design were voted on by the community and then designed by the team at Amplitude. From there, continued communication and special feedback sessions helped refine The Unfallen into the faction you will see in the final game.

Endless Space 2 is set to leave early access on May 19 with all eight factions present in game.