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Fallout inspired survivalist city builder launches first big demo

Blending Frostpunk with Fallout, a new survival-driven city builder challenges you to face the elements and its first demo is playable now.

Endzone 2 Steam city building game demo

The world of Fallout may be mostly barren wasteland, but there are nevertheless settlements that managed to survive against the odds. From what small seeds did they grow? Post-apocalyptic survival city builder Endzone 2 answers that question, letting you create multiple settlements after a nuclear apocalypse leaves most of the world uninhabitable. A would-be rival to the likes of Cities Skylines 2 and Frostpunk, you can try out the game’s first-ever demo now.

Endzone 2 doesn’t limit you to just one base. In this city building game you can create several different settlements, all connected together to help humanity survive in the dangerous badlands. Once you’ve established one settlement, you can pack up your armor-plated bus and search for a new location to establish a safe haven.

It won’t be easy, though. There are natural disasters and deadly weather to contend with, as well as the standard struggles that come with trying to keep people well-fed in an ever-growing town. Droughts, toxic rain, radiation, and sandstorms will all pose dynamic threats to your people, so ensure you set up trade routes between your colonies so that people can survive if tragedy befalls them.

You don’t just manage your colonies from afar – you have to get your own hands dirty, too. When you send your people out to look for new places to pitch up or resources to gather, you have to exit the safety of your bus to fix bridges and scavenge from broken down cars. There are ancient ruins to explore, hidden loot to find, and tough missions to complete.

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Endzone 2 is releasing in early access in Q3 2024, but you can download the new, free demo on Steam right now.

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