Energy Hook is a grappling hook game from the creator of Spider-Man 2

Energy Hook

There’s another game just launched with a grappling hook, proving that 2016 is the year they officially replaced the bow & arrow as a thing that is cool. The hook? It’s a grappling hook. No, but seriously, this one might be special because it’s created by the guy who came up with Spider-Man 2’s pendulum-style swinging mechanics.

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Honestly, who cares about Sony’s flashy Spider-Man exclusive that was shown off at E3? We’ve got Energy Hook and we can buy it now. Eat that, console scum. (I love consoles really, I’m just having a laugh, it’s okay).

The worst thing about Spider-Man 2 was easily its combat, while its strengths all sat in the web slinging gameplay, even as you’re chasing down the 100th balloon you’re thinking ‘this is alright, you know’.

Energy Hook is all about the swinging, dressing it up as a future sport where people grapple through areas and scoring points for precision and flashiness.

It’s Tony Hawks with a grappling hook, if Tony Hawks was still good. Here’s a trailer:

It’s live on Steam right now for the discounted price of $14.75.

Cheers, RPS.