Epic Games to launch new Seattle studio, hiring engineers for Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games

This is Epic’s second new studio this year, which if I were to draw a graph would look like a rate of growth destined to end either in bankruptcy or all-out war with Best Buy. This one’s primarily for bolstering the company’s existing engineering group, responsible for Unreal Engine 4.

Job listings make specific reference to “online game services” and Java; the new team will be working on Epic’s “latest technological projects”.

Says company head Mike Capps:“The proximity to key partners, the density of world-class talent and all the factors that make Seattle an attractive place to live convinced us that it is the perfect locale for Epic’s West Coast operation.

“We are looking to hire even more of the best engineers around to contribute to Unreal Engine 4, which we believe is set to change the way we all make games.”

Epic’s other new studio, Impossible Games, was formed from the ashes of Kingdom of Amalur creators Big Huge Games. It’s a shame they haven’t chosen to continue that particular line of monikering. I like the sound of Unfeasible Games, or Highly Unlikely Software.

More Unreal Engine 4 development news is good news, right?