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The Epic Games store is getting its first major sale

A message about a Megasale accidentally popped up in Fortnite, but Epic says that we'll have more information soon.

Epic Games store megasale

If the price of triple-A game development means that you’re desperately counting pennies to help pay for the latest release, (even more) help may soon be at hand, as the Epic Games store is gearing up for its first major sale. A message of the day that showed up on Fortnite last night suggests that a significant set of discounts is on the way.

Fortnite’s messages show up in a dedicated screen that appears before players get access to the lobby at the start of each play session. Traditionally, the screen shows off information about Fortnite skin sales and new arrivals to the battle royale, but last night’s message referred to something called the Epic Games store Megasale.

The panel read that “the Epic Games store Megasale is happening right now! Sign up for [two-factor authentication] in order to get $10 to spend in the store.” Clearly, the sale was not actually underway when the message arrived on the store, but Epic later confirmed that an event was on its way, with a tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account.

That tweet read that “an MOTD snuck out about a sale. There is an Epic Game store sale on games in the works, but it hasn’t launched yet.” The tweet instructs fans to keep an eye on the Epic Games social accounts “for details in a few days.”

Given how prolific sales have proven to be across not only Steam, but all of Epic’s competitors, I’m not particularly surprised that the company is looking to launch a sale. It’ll be interesting to see the extent of the discounts on offer, but given that everyone will reportedly have the opportunity to pick up a $10 voucher, Epic’s off to a good start.

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It’ll also be worth keeping an eye on the exact dates of the sale. If I was Epic, I’d want to get in ahead of Steam. Valve’s big summer blowout is expected to take place towards the end of June, so a sale earlier in the month could be a good move.