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FPS/MMO Escape from Tarkov gets new raid location and weapon failure in extended alpha

Escape from Tarkov

FPS/MMO hybrid Escape from Tarkov has entered an ‘extended alpha’ phase, meaning new features have been added, and more players will be accepted to the alpha test.

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New additions to the extended alpha include:

  • New raid location, the Woods: open spaces, dense trees, entirely new tactics and a new game experience
  • Weapon failure and repair system
  • Raid grouping feature
  • Improved physics
  • Performance optimisation and bug fixes

Escape from Tarkov blends a Clancy-esque tactical shooter with a story-driven MMORPG. The titular Tarkov is the game’s setting; a Russian city sealed off by roadblocks as a result of a political standoff between east and west. It is now caught in a chaotic conflict between opportunistic mercenary companies – basically, think The Division, but with more realistic damage. More details are available on the game’s website.

Sound good? If you’d like a crack at it, you stand a better chance at getting into the alpha if you pre-order, and an even better chance if you pre-order a more expensive package. The most expensive Edge of Darknesspackage (€109.99, loads of stuff and a season pass) is a limited edition and guarantees you access to the alpha. The Prepare for Escape package (€79.99, still lots of stuff), gets you a 75% chance of alpha access, while those who buy the Left Behind package (€57.99, less stuff) have a 50% chance.

All pre-orders, including the cheapest Standard edition(€34.99, just a bit of stuff), guarantee you access to the closed beta, which is expected in the near future.