ESL backs World of Tanks, drops CS:S for CS:GO


The Electronic Sports League is going to be putting World of Tanks at the forefront of its Major Series, dropping €15,000 of it’s €34,000 on the Russian Free to Play giant. It’s an interesting turn, especially with games like League of Legends and Call of Duty on the roster, both of which have a more established Esports history. Either way, it’s a big show of faith for the League, and with the muscle of so many players behind the game, it should be one that pays off.

The other big news coming out of ESL’s Winter Season announcement is that they’re dropping Counter-Strike: Source entirely, replacing it with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the recently released update to the Valve classic. Its prize will be €5,000, matching League of Legends, and no doubt making Valve happy, as they were always trying to make CS:GO a more Esports friendly version of the game.
The other games which will be competed in during the tournament are Trackmania and Fifa 13 with a €750 pot, Call of Duty 4 with €2,500, and Crossfire Europe and League of Legends, both of which have €5,000 up for grabs.