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Esports are being added to the Asian Games Schedule 2022 as an official medal event

Dota 2

Those digital sport things are being added to the Asian Game scheduled for 2022 as an official medal event, upsetting dads all over the world. “Back in my day, sports were about physically exerting yourself,” says your dad, as he downs a pint of bitter and lazily throws another dart at the board, missing and embedding it into the wall. 

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This decision was made by the Olympic Council of Asia, in partnership with Alisports. The OCA president, HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah, said: “The Olympic Council of Asia has constantly been committed to the heritage, development and improvement of Asian sports, and we are extremely pleased about the strategic partnership with Alisports.

“We look forward to further collaboration with Alisports in regards to digital sports concepts along with sporting events.”

Before their debut in 2022, esports will show up in a smaller event in September: the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. You’ll also be able to see them at the 18th Asian Games in a small demonstration event in 2018.

Why have they been added? Well, judging by the comments of Alisports president Zhang Dazhong, it’s a lot to do with money. “Together we will work on providing the sponsors of the Asian Games with more opportunities and maximising the market value, so that the OCA enjoys optimum benefits and advantages,” he said.

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