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eSports Life is another chance at internet celebrity from the makers of Youtubers Life

esports life

Youtubers Life proved an improbable hit on Steam when it released last year, allowing you to achieve the seemingly already achievable goal of running a YouTube channel. Now the developers are making a new internet celebrity simulator with eSports Life.

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The folks at U-Play (no relation to the Ubisoft service, I assume) promise that this will be a deeper game than their previous title. You’ll be able to dive into the world of competitive gaming either on your own or as part of a team, working to be the best in either the FPS or MOBA arena.

You’ll be challenged to balance your academic, social, and professional life, a joy that surely can only be provided through videogames. Eventually, you’ll work your way up the ranks to control the entire esports industry.

Guillermo Aguilera, game director at U-Play, says that “eSports Life is the game pro-gamers were waiting for.” I, for one, hope the game develops a tremendous competitive following, giving us years of eSports Life esports to enjoy. The game is expected to release this year on Windows and Mac.