Thank god, Wikipedia has changed ‘eSports’ to ‘esports’

There's no more debate on how to spell esports

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After years of arguments, it’s been settled – we write ‘esports.’ Not ‘Esports,’ ‘e-sports,’ ‘electronic sports,’ or ‘videogame competitions similar in format to traditional sporting events.’ We settled it, the AP Stylebook settled it, and the esports world as a whole has settled it. There was one last big holdout – but at last, Wikipedia has gotten on the right side of history.

A discussion in the gaming section of the Wikipedia Manual of Style was launched in September, asking what spelling or casing the open source encyclopedia should settle on. Votes strongly supported ‘esports,’ though some holdouts still believe that ‘e-sports’ is the way to go. Thankfully, the correct choice one out.

You can see the results of proper choices on Wikipedia’s esports page, as noted by Dot Esports. Wikipedia was an odd holdout on the esports front, and the article still opens to say the concept is “also known as electronic sports, e-sports, eSports, or competitive/professional (video) gaming.” Esports has been general accepted for ages, and the AP Stylebook – as definitive a resource as any in these pedantic matters – made the ruling well over a year ago.

So it’s always esports, unless it’s in title case or at the start of a sentence, in which case it’s capitalised ‘Esports’ like any normal word. Because it’s a normal word, like any other. Pass it along.