UKIE are “committed to ensuring” the UK remains great for game devs in wake of EU referendum


A vote took place yesterday, you may have heard, and the UK populace decided that the EU wasn’t for them. In response, currency and stock trading has caused the pound to drop 10% against the dollar and a similar dip in financial markets. It’s setting records for quickest change, meaning industries have to react, and the UK Interactive Entertainment governing body has issued a statement. In it they say that while an economic downturn will prove challenging, the industry is in a good place to absorb it as well as react to the independence of the UK from the EU as a concept.

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In their statement, UKIE say that their primary concerns for the immediate future are “securing access to overseas talent, ensuring we have the right investment in skilling up our homegrown talent, the continuation of the Video Games Tax Relief, and access to funding.” They also recommit to their plans to grow the industry in the UK, despite this news.

As for the economic impact, Dr. Jo Twist, CEO says that “UKIE is committed to ensuring the UK is the best place in the world to make and sell games and although this decision and the political uncertainty it brings will have an impact on our businesses it is important to remember that we are already a globally successful sector and a leading exporter in the digital economy.”

She also said that “Ukie will continue to work hard with colleagues in government and other sectors to ensure we continue to have the best possible business environment for our sector, and we will be following developments closely and advising members as they unfold.”

Meanwhile, Eurogamer have asked many top developers and industry luminaries their thoughts on the move. Uncertainty is common, though many point to how strong gaming usually is during recessions and other times of financial insecurity. Have a read of their full set of interviews on the site.