Europa Universalis IV expands on the Middle East with Cradle of Civilization DLC

europa universalis 4 cradle of civilization

You’ll soon be getting far more options in the Middle East of Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV, as the new Cradle of Civilization expansion will expand on governments and trade policies in the region while adding new features like Islamic schools and army professionalism.

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The trailer above offers some background flavor on the region and its Muslim empires, mirroring their historical development through the early modern era. Here are all the new features you can expect, per Paradox.

  • New Governments: Powerful decisions related to each of the special government types of the Middle East, including unique mechanics for the Egyptian Mamluks, Persia, and the heirs to Timur.
  • Trade Policies: Activate your merchants in trade nodes for special missions beyond the collection of money – prepare the ground for a future military action or spread Islam to an eager audience.
  • Islamic Schools: Study the doctrines and understandings of the one true faith for special bonuses and diplomatic advantage in a new adjustment to the last of the great Abrahamic religions.
  • Army Professionalism: Drill and discipline your armies as you move from the age of mercenary captains to the mass levies of standing armies.
  • Exploit Development: Reduce the strength of your provinces for a quick influx of cash or manpower, stripping your nation’s future for immediate gain.
  • And more: Changes to national ideas, missionary actions, Turkish Janissaries and many other game mechanics.

No word yet on release date or price, and previous expansions have varied significantly in cost, topping out at $19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99. The most recent addition was called Third Rome, expanding content around Russia.