Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica is DLC about holding onto power / your head

Paradox also do portraits, you know.

We’re still in the throes of Paradox Development’s grand strategy renaissance – so it seems fitting that each new release should have a showy Latin moniker to match. This new “mini expansion” is named Res Publica, which means ‘public affairs’ rather than ‘Europe is Everywhere Four’ or whatever Europa Universalis IV meant.

Res Publica is also the root of the word ‘republic’, which should give you an idea about what kind of new political powers this expansion will afford us.

Expect new forms of governance, including the deliciously-titled Republican Dictatorship option. Res Publica seems to be all about the precarious business of staying on top without being beheaded, whether by backing heirs in Elective Monarchies or handing occasional powers to the people.

Related opportunities and events will provide players with their “broadest set of choices and tactics yet”, we’re told. Which is exactly the sort of thing Europa Universalis players want.

There are two new factions: the Merchant Republic, who come with the ability to build new trade posts and collect the attendant bonuses; and the Dutch Republic, with their unique election events.

“In Res Publica, dictators and diplomats will discover new ways to manage and govern their empires, including additional ways to influence growth, sway the balance of power, and maintain – or shatter – a nation’s stability,” say Paradox. Oo-err.

The expansion will be out sometime this summer for Windows, Mac, and Linux – but you can watch 32 developers playing its current beta build today on Twitch for two hours from 15:30 CEST.

Our Rob once called Europa Universalis IV an RPG in which you play a nation. Do you know where he’s coming from?